Weight Loss Strategies

DietNet helps support clients who wish to improve their nutritional habits and increase their metabolic rate to achieve weight loss goals and prevent obesity. We also work closely to provide the knowledge and assistance in maintaining healthy long-term outcomes.

Successful weight-loss strategies embrace small changes, moderate losses, and reasonable goals. People who lose 10 to 20 kg in a year by consistently choosing nutrient-dense foods and engaging in regular physical activity are much more likely to maintain the loss and reap health benefits than if they were to lose more weight in less time by adopting a radical fad diet. In keeping with this philosophy, the Dietary Guidelines advise those who need to lose weight to “consume fewer kcalories from foods and beverages, increase physical activity, and reduce time spent in sedentary behaviours.”

Even modest weight loss brings health benefits.

When should I need to make an appointment?

There are a wide range of triggers that may lead to a person benefiting from the support of a dietitian. Some typical reasons why someone might be referred, or might independently choose, to see a dietitian include:

  • A newly diagnosed chronic disease
  • Signs that a chronic illness is not being managed such as increased Hba1c levels
  • Significant weight change
  • Recent poor food intake, poor appetite, or difficulty preparing or eating food
  • Changes in medication
  • Periodic reviews of medical nutrition therapy.

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